(WIP. See decide how workspaces and catalogs interact for early notes, which still need to be extracted to this doc.)

What are Workspaces?

Workspaces are the main organizational concept in Warpforge and how it exists in your development environment (i.e. your computer).

In brief: you're looking at a workspace whenever you see a folder that contains a folder called .warpforge.

Workspaces and your Development Environment

How are Workspaces seen on the filesystem?

A workspace is declared wherever there's a folder on your computer that contains a folder called .warpforge. For example, if you have the path /hey/hi/hello/.warpforge, then the hello folder is a workspace.

There are a few files that will be recognized by warpforge when they're in a workspace:

Beyond those, the rest of the files and folders are yours — they're just content in the workspace. This content won't be examined by warpforge unless it's pulled into the system by ingest commands or similarly explicit interactions.

How do Workspaces relate to each other?

Workspaces in your development environment can be nested.

When this occurs, the workspace "above" (e.g. has a shorter path) the other is called its parent. Any workspaces "below" (e.g. have a longer path) another are called its children.